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Smart Destination is a crew of award-winning tech companies specialized in travel, tourism and hospitality. We offer step-by-step guidance for destinations, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, camps and vacation rentals to help them create innovative digital solutions that bring value to the entire community.

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We build digital travel paths and experiences, having in mind the needs and expectations of those who will visit your destination.

Our travel-tech crew works together hand in hand to set up your smart destination and grow tourism in a meaningful manner, ensuring that tourists gain an effortless experience of your offer and that local communities flourish as a result.

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We provide you with a fusion of know-how for a clear vision of the future of smart destinations

A strategic guide for the set-up of a smart destination

Websites for destinations and hospitality

Revenue-generating solutions for hospitality

Booking and management solution for tours & activities and accommodation

Multimedia tourism experiences in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (XR)

Support all along


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You will:

Discover new frontiers in the digital travel world

Have a fully developed and sustainable digital travel and tourism product

Move your tourism business forward

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